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Evers Calls GOP Lame Duck Agenda ’Embarrassing’ for Wisconsin

Antigo, WI, United States /

Governor-elect Tony Evers is encouraging Wisconsin voters to speak up, as Republicans in the legislature prepare to strip Evers and incoming attorney general Josh Kaul of power before they can take office in January.

“I’m encoraging them to connect with their legislators,” Evers said in Milwaukee Sunday. “I’m speaking for them, but they need to speak to their own elected officials to make sure this doesn’t happen.”

Republicans are rushing a sweeping package of bills through a “lame duck” extraordinary legislative session, with a public hearing in the Joint Finance Committee Monday, and floor votes in the Senate and Assembly on Tuesday.

Evers said the GOP agenda was an embarrassing look for the state. “I’m not sure what they’re afraid of,” Evers said. “They clearly have a majority in the legislature.”

State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald told conservative talk radio station WISN’s “Jay Weber Show”on Monday that the agenda for the lame duck session is designed to corral Evers before he takes office. And he suggested that GOP legislative leaders “don’t trust” the Governor-elect.

“We are going to address these now, to make sure that a lot of the policy decisions that we made as a legislature and were signed into law by the governor, continue to be the way that we feel comfortable with,” Fitzgerald said.

Governor Scott Walker, who would have to sign the lame duck measures into law, and has yet to publicly comment on where he stands. “I hope he thinks about how he could govern under those circumstances, and how this will impact his legacy,” Evers said.

– File/Photo credit to Bob Hague, WRN

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