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Kind Opposes Pelosi as House Speaker

Antigo, WI, United States /

Wisconsin Congressman Ron Kind is a no on Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker. Pelosi got the support of 203 members in Wednesday’s nomination vote — the La Crosse Democrat said Thursday that his was not one of those. “I’m afraid that if we just go back to the same leadership all the, nothing’s going to change,” Kind told WRDN.

Kind said he wants a speaker who will return the House to “regular order,” and empower committees to work in a bipartisan fashion. “There’s a lot of talent in the Democratic Party that I feel could step and be a very good speaker,” Kind said. “But more of a caretaker speaker, rather than an autocrat trying to run every single issue coming out of the House of Representatives.”

Pelosi needs 218 votes when the new Congress elects a Speaker in January. Kind said it need to be made clear to Pelosi and her supporters that “she’s going to pull up short of 218.”

– File/Photo credit to Bob Hague, WRN

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