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Walker and Evers Remain in Toss-Up Election According to Marquette Law School Poll

Antigo, WI, United States /

Governor Walker and challenger Tony Evers are in a pure toss up heading into the Midterm Election next week according to a new Marquette Law School Poll.

Pollster Charles Franklin says both Walker and Evers received 47 percent of the vote, with three percent saying they’d vote for Libertarian candidate. Not only that, Walker and Evers received the same number of respondents.

“547, I believe, for each of them. Okay? So, you know… do I need to say that’s inside the margin of error?”

Franklin says that polling shows just how close the race has been, with Walker and Evers trading single digit leads in the polling since the end of the primary. “I think you just look across that stream, and it’s hard to conclude anything than a true toss up race.”

He did note that most national polling puts Evers up by single digits and so you should take that into account as well.

“Other polling is showing a little more of an Evers advantage than what we show. ‘You pays your money, you takes your choice,’ or you average them all together. I’m willing to go with a really close race today.”

Senator Tammy Baldwin continues to lead challenger Leah Vukmir. That lead is now at 11 points at 54-43, with Baldwin up one percent from the last poll in October.

Attorney General Brad Schimel continues to hold a slight lead over challenger Joshua Kaul, 47 to 45 percent.

This poll has a 3 percent margin of error.

  • File/Photo credit to Raymond Neupert, WRN

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