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Biden Campaigns for Wisconsin Democrats

Antigo, WI, United States /
Biden Campaigns for Wisconsin Democrats

Former Vice President Joe Biden was on the University of Wisconsin campus on Tuesday, encouraging students to get out and vote for Democrats in next Tuesday’s mid-term elections.

Biden told about 1,000 people at the Madison rally that if those students turn out, they can “own” the election. He was joined by U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Democratic candidate for governor Tony Evers.

As Biden was campaigning for Democrats, President Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump was campaigning with Republican Senate candidate Leah Vukmir.

Last week, former President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump also campaigned in Wisconsin.

Biden also called for civility in politics, in the wake of the killing of 11 worshipers at a Pittsburgh synagogue this week.

“We’re so much better than this.” Biden said “It’s up to our leaders to change the tone in both parties, to dial the temperature down, to restore some dignity to our national debate.”

Biden also took time to call out President Trump and his administration for emboldening racism and hatred in America.

Biden says the actions and political stances of the Trump Administration are proof enough.

“Calling refugees animals? Propping up immigrants and African Americans as the source of your problems if you have a problem? Ripping literally infants and children from the arms of their mothers at the border?”

He added that Trump’s desire to curry favor with dictators like Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin are only damaging the country’s reputation internationally.

“This is not who we are, and it is dangerously impacting on our national security internationally. Look folks, Americans already know who Donald Trump is. The question is who are we?”

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