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Ryan Winding Down His Time in Washington

Antigo, WI, United States /

House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is winding down his time in Washington. The Janesville Republican did a farewell interview Sunday on Face The Nation. John Dickerson of CBS asked Ryan “whether your notion of politics really exists now?”

Ryan, who at times has criticized some comments from President Donald Trump while largely signing off on the Trump legislative agenda, replied that “it’s definitely not in vogue . . . and what I would like to do is try to figure out how to make it cool again.”

Ryan said health care “reform” is a big piece of entitlement reform, one of his long sought legislative goals. “If we can make health care more affordable, more accessible, while protecting pre-existing conditions, we could also fix our fiscal programs, which are our health care entitlement programs.”

The candidates running to succeed Ryan in the 1st Congressional District, Republican Brian Steil and Democrat Randy Brycedebate Monday night at UW Whitewater-Rock County in Janesville. As for his post Congress plans, Ryan said he’s “going to hunt, fish, mountain climb and ski with my family.”

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