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Condo Association Lawsuit Reaches Wisconsin Supreme Court

Antigo, WI, United States /
Condo Association Lawsuit Reaches Wisconsin Supreme Court

An oral argument has been scheduled for November 5 by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, regarding noise from concerts at the municipal band shell in Sister Bay. The lawsuit is by the Yacht Club at Sister Bay Condominium Association against the Village of Sister Bay.

The condo association filed suit in March of 2016, seeking to stop concert performances claiming they are a public and private nuisance.

The condo association lost that suit with the court claiming they didn’t provide notice within the 120-day provided by law in relation to when the nuisance started.The condo association appealed that ruling, claiming they filed within the window from the most recent concert.

The Supreme Court is expected to provide guidelines and clarity in relation to what constitutes proper notice under governing statutes.  The court will begin oral arguments on November 5 and it’s expected to take several months until a decision is reached.


– File/Photo credit to WRN Contributor

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