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Walker Proposes Two-Thirds State Funding for Schools

Antigo, WI, United States /
Walker Proposes Two-Thirds State Funding for Schools


Locked in a tough reelection race with Democrat Tony Evers, Governor Scott Walker is out with a new campaign process – two-thirds state funding for K-12 education in the state.

Scott Walker


We will fund 2/3rds of school costs in our next state budget. Our good fiscal management and positive reforms, plus a strong economy, allowed us to make the largest actual-dollar investment in schools in our state budget while still lowering property taxes. 1/3

“It’s not just about two-thirds, it’s about two-thirds combined with keep the (Act 10) reforms intact,” Walker said Monday. “Schools alone have have saved more than three billion dollars. That’s money that goes overwhelmingly into the classroom.”


That two-thirds commitment, first established by Governor Tommy Thompson, has not been met since the 2002-2003 school year. Over the weekend, Evers proposed a ten percent middle class tax cut – something the Walker campaign called “a gimmick.”

Tony Evers


Governor candidate, WI

Our new plan will cut taxes by 10% for middle-class families. Because Wisconsin’s government should work for us — not the wealthy and special interests.

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Walker is campaigning Monday with Thompson, who served as Health and Human Services Secretary in President George W. Bush’s administration. Evers is campaigning with Kathleen Sebelius, a former Governor of Kansas and HHS for President Barack Obama.

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