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Evers: State’s Priorities “Out of Whack”

Antigo, WI, United States /
Evers: State’s Priorities “Out of Whack”

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers delivered his annual State of Education address at the Capitol over the noon hour on Thursday. “Governing is about priorities . . . and right now, Wisconsin priorities are out of whack,” Evers said, adding that education funding has failed to keep pace with the needs of students and families in Wisconsin.

“We are spending less on our public schools than we did eight years ago, putting us below the national average. And these choices have consequences.” The Democrat is running against Governor Scott Walker, who’s seeking a third term in November.

Evers has proposed a 10 percent increase to school funding. Republicans warn that will lead to big tax increases. “Are we going to go back to the dark (Jim) Doyle days? Is that where we’re going to go? Because you can see what’s being set up, by Tony Evers’ proposals,” warned state Senator Tom Tiffany during a press conference prior to Evers’ address.

Tony Evers just can’t stop prioritizing spending for his union pals,” said state Representative Mark Born, standing next to a poster that said Evers is “union approved.”

During his own press conference, Evers talked about his priorities, and said they’re different from those of Governor Walker. “My priorities are for the working people in Wisconsin.” Evers said that could mean cutting taxes for the middle class, and raising them for higher income earners. But Evers said he’s not proposing a dollar a gallon gas tax hike, something Walker has claimed. “It’s ridiculous,” Evers said. “Who the hell would, frankly?”

– File/Photo credit to Bob Hague, WRN

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