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Schimel Announces Sexual Assault Kit Backlog is Closed

Antigo, WI, United States /
Schimel Announces Sexual Assault Kit Backlog is Closed

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel announces testing on all of Wisconsin’s backlogged sexual assault kits is complete. Schimel said the testing of more than 4,000 unsubmitted kits is complete — clearing a backlog dating back to 1984.

“I’ve been a prosecutor for 29 years. Some of those kits dated back to before I was an assistant D.A.,” Schimel said. “Unquestionably, mistakes were made. Apologies have been made to survivors.” Three cases are currently being prosecuted.

Schimel responded to criticism, that clearing up the backlog took too long. He said his goal was always to get it done as soon as possible. “If iy had been possible to have this done a year ago, we would have done it,” he said.

Schimel is running for re-election and his Democratic challenger, Josh Kaul, said clearing the backlog did take too long. “Brad Schimel has mismanaged the state crime labs. As Attorney General, I’ll fight to get the Department of Justice the resources needed to reduce testing delays,” Kaul said in a statement.

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