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Congressman Gallagher Seeks to Limit Executive Tariff Powers

Antigo, WI, United States /
Congressman Gallagher Seeks to Limit Executive Tariff Powers

Eighth District Congressman Mike Gallagher toured a Green Bay area military parts supplier on Monday to see just what sort of effects trade tariffs are having.

Fox Valley Metal-Tech creates components for the U.S Navy aircraft carrier program.

Gallagher says recent decisions on tariffs by the Trump Administration have made it costly for businesses like Metal-Tech to operate. “We shouldn’t be in the business of making life more difficult for manufacturers and hard working people in the midwest.”

The Congressman is behind a bill that would make it a requirement to get congressional approval if the White House wants to impose tariffs and cite National Security concerns. “All of these decisions that are made by so-called experts in air-conditioned offices in Washington DC, have huge impacts for people that are downstream of those decisions,” says Gallagher.

  • File/Photo credit to Raymond Neupert, WRN

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