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Flooding Danger Continues for Dane County

Antigo, WI, United States /
Flooding Danger Continues for Dane County

Flooding dangers are not yet over for Dane County residents.

Lake and river levels are already extremely high and many streets remain under water after parts of the county got 13 inches of rain Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Dane County Sheriff David Mahoney says first responders saved countless lives.

“We lost one life, one tragic loss in the city of Madison. There were dozens if not more, that could have been tragic, without the commitment of our public servants.”

Governor Walker toured the area by air on Wednesday, and vowed to help county officials in every way possible.

“The state stands ready to work with the county executive, the sheriff, with the village and municipal governments throughout this area.”

Crews are busy clearing out the Yahara River to try and help water move downstream. Officials are also watching the dam in Bellville where water was overflowing on Wednesday. Lake levels there are higher than anyone has ever seen before.

The city of Monona and surrounding areas are now at highest risk as flood waters move downstream into Lakes Mendota and Monona.

  • File/Photo credit to Raymond Neupert, WRN

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