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State Offers Tips to New Renters

Antigo, WI, United States /
State Offers Tips to New Renters

If you’re looking to rent a new home or apartment this fall, Wisconsin’s consumer protection bureau has some tips for a smooth transition.

Rental complaints are among the top five complaints the bureau of Consumer protection receives each year, and Director Michelle Reinen says most of the renter and landlord complaints they recieve have to do with security deposits.

“And that can be that a tenant never receives one back, or that they disagree with what’s being withheld by the landlord.”

You should always be taking pictures and making sure you hand in a renter’s walkthrough of damages to the property when you move in, and make sure to have those on hand for when you move out as well.

You’re also entitled to a list of damages that the last tenant had to pay for out of their security deposit, says Reinen.

“And that is go that you can, again, not be charged for something a prior tenant was charged for if the landlord doesn’t correct it.”

You also need to closely examine your lease and make sure that basic needs are being mentioned.

“A landlord should be telling you where you’re going to be paying the rent, who’s going to be handling maintenance and who you can report problems to.”

You can find more info in the state renter’s guide online at

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