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Vukmir in Wausau on Friday for Campaign Rally

Antigo, WI, United States /
Vukmir in Wausau on Friday for Campaign Rally

Supporters of Leah Vukmir held a rally at the Republican Party Office in Weston ahead of next month’s primary.

The current 5th district State Senator received the endorsement of many of her peers in the Republican Party as part of the event, including Pat Snyder, Patrick Testin, and Sean Duffy. All of whom said she has a proven track record of standing up for true conservative values in Madison and could do the same in Washington, and Vukmir said that’s exactly what she plans to do. “I’ve got the proven, consistent track record here. What you see is what you get, and past behavior is a strong indicator of future behavior,” she said.

Those who endorsed her cited her role in balancing the state budget and helping to create prosperity in Wisconsin as an example of what she could bring to the table in Washington, which Vukmir also said is one of her qualifications. “I’ve helped make our state the economic miracle that it is today, and I want to be able to join our colleagues in Washington and help President Trump continue this amazing recovery that our country is undergoing.”

Vukmir also recently received an endorsement from the NRA, which some have been shying away from because of recent shooting events. She said if elected she will constantly work to make sure law-abiding gun owners don’t have their rights taken away. “Truthfully, I think the left wants nothing more than to take that right away. We have to get to the root of the problem.” By that, she means fixing the channels of communication between departments and making sure warning signs aren’t missed.

“Think about some of the shootings that have occurred, there have been red flags that people have missed. Let’s focus in on what actually caused these problems rather than immediately trying to take our second amendment rights away and taking weapons away from people who want to protect themselves and their homes,” she added.

Vukmir was also quick to point out how important having the support of Representative Duffy and the rest of the GOP is to her success. “Having the endorsement of people like Congressmen Duffy and Rachel Duffy is really important. They are very well liked up here and people look to their leaders for information.”

  • File/Photo credit to Raymond Neupert, WRN

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