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Weston Still Tight-Lipped on Administrator Suspension

Antigo, WI, United States /
Weston Still Tight-Lipped on Administrator Suspension

Residents in the Village of Weston are no closer to discovering what triggered a 30 working-day suspension for Administrator Daniel Guild after another closed-door meeting on Thursday.

According to the posted agenda, the meeting centered around “discussion of performance evaluation of Village Administrator and establishing performance goals for Village Administrator.”

Guild was not present for Thursday’s meeting.

Trustees also brought in outside legal counsel on the matter in the form of Wausau-based Attorney Dean Deitrich. Board President Barb Ermeling said that was due to a potential conflict of interest because the current Village Attorney is friends with Guild. “Being he is friends with Daniel, [he] did not want to represent.”

After the meeting Deitrich approached reporters and emphasized that the board would not speak about what was discussed in closed session, adding that the next step is to discuss the meeting with Guild.

The reason behind the suspension remains unclear since the May 24th meeting called for by Trustees Wally Sparks and Mark Maloney, which Guild did attend. Following that meeting, Sparks’ only comment was that he “hasn’t met the terms of his employment. You can file an open records request to get that information and understand what the terms of his employment are. But we are not going to spell out specifically what they were.”

Several Wausau media outlets, including WSAU, have requested a copy of the employment agreement. However, those requests remain unfulfilled two weeks later. When asked why those requests remain in limbo, Ermeling said “the attorney, as far as I know, is working on it. Mr. Dietrich is the one you would have to talk to.”


  • File/Photo credit to Raymond Neupert, WRN

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