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‘Dark Sky’ Exercise in Fox Valley

Antigo, WI, United States /
‘Dark Sky’ Exercise in Fox Valley

The Wisconsin National Guard is training with local emergency agencies in the Fox Valley this week, on how to respond if a massive power outage were to impact a large area for several days.

The Dark Sky training will take place from Tuesday through Thursday, and it’s aimed at not only going thought the “what ifs” as scripted but also building cohesion among the Guard and private sector first-responders.

“The main reason for an exercise is to build partnerships,” said Captain Joe Trovato with the National Guard. “Anytime we can exercise together and get to know how each other operates and how we can best serve the people of Wisconsin, that’s a great opportunity for us. That’s really, truly the name of the game.”

Participating agencies include Wisconsin Emergency Management, county emergency operations centers, local law enforcement and first responders, and even the Red Cross will have a hand in the exercise.

Training scenarios will include how to distribute food in the event of an outage, keeping hospitals and other infrastructure online, and fuel supplies.


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