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Walker Warns GOP of Democrat ‘anger and hatred’

Antigo, WI, United States /
Walker Warns GOP of Democrat ‘anger and hatred’

Governor Scott Walker issues a warning to Wisconsin Republicans — “wake up.” The governor’s message to delegates at the party‘s weekend convention in Milwaukee — Democrats are filled with anger and hatred.

“They’re angry at me. They’re angry a the president. They’re angry at all of you,” Walker said.

Walker’s warning — that anger and hatred is a powfull motovator for Democrats hoping for a “blue wave” at the polls in November.

“We need to counter that not with more of the same, we need to counter that with optimism and organization.”

Walker said it will likely be the “toughest ever” election for the GOP. Sixteen Democrats are running for the chance to oppose Walker in November. Voter’s will pick one in the August 14th primary.

  • File/Photo credit to Bob Hague

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