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GOP Convention Endorses Vukmir

Antigo, WI, United States /
GOP Convention Endorses Vukmir

Wisconsin Republicans have endorsed a U.S. Senate candidate. Delegates at the party’s weekend convention in Milwaukee heard from both candidates prior to casting their endorsement ballots. State Senator Leah Vukmir, and Kevin Nicholson, the self-described “outsider” who’s a former Marine — and a former Democrat

Vukmir carried the day with delegates, getting 73 percent of votes to Nicholson’s 27 percent.

“It is a strong statement,” Vukmir said. “This is a historic endorsement, and I’m proud of it.” Nicholson spokesman Brandon Moody brushed off those results. “It was never a focus of our campaign, to be honest with you. We’re going to go back out and try to win the primary, like we have the entire time.”

The endorsement is not the same as the nomination, which will be up to voters in August’s statewide primary. That winner faces Senator Baldwin in November.

The weekend convention also saw Governor Scott Walker issue a strongly worded warning to delegates. Walker told them that Democrats are driven by anger and hatred, and that Republicans need to “wake up” and organize, in order to stem a “blue wave in November.

It was also the final state party convention for Paul Ryan, as House Speaker and congressman from Wisconsin’s 1st District. Ryan, who’s not running for reelection, was presented with a Green Bay Packers jersey by Walker and Republican members of Congress.


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