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Tolls Would Be Considered In GOP Tax Package

Antigo, WI, United States /

(Madison, WI)  —  The long debated plan for charging tolls on Interstate highways could finally become a reality as part of the GOP’s massive tax and highway funding overhaul. Any tolls would need federal approval, and the Assembly’s package unveiled Thursday would get the process started with lawmakers setting toll locations and amounts later. Places with local wheel taxes could keep them, except for Milwaukee County which would lose its $30 tax for vehicles registered in that county and any new wheel taxes would need referendum approval. Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele says it would force his county into what he calls “fiscal insolvency.” The package also includes new limits on roundabouts, new fees for hybrid and electric vehicles, a reduction of the state’s minimum markup requirement for gasoline from nine-point-two-percent to three and repealing the state’s prevailing wage for workers on road and bridge projects.

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