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Google Resolves Email Scam Involving Google Documents

Antigo, WI, United States /
Google Resolves Email Scam Involving Google Documents

A technology manager at U-W Madison says he’s impressed at how quickly Google acted to resolve an email scam that fooled even the most tech savvy people. Derek Cooper says his office received many reports of the scam Wednesday, in which a worm spread through “Google Docs” that many U-W students and faculty use to share and edit writings. Email users began receiving scam messages listed as being from from friends and contacts, which asked them to click on a Google Document. If they did, it gave scammers access to the recipients’ contacts and account data and by late afternoon, Google said it shut down the accounts which spread the worm. Google is urging those caught in the scam to use the company’s safety checks on their devices, remove Google Docs’ access to Google accounts, and change their passwords.

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