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WIAA offering concussion insurance for student athletes

Antigo, WI, United States /
WIAA offering concussion insurance for student athletes


Every WIAA student athlete will be covered by concussion insurance beginning next school year.

The organization claims its athletes will have “zero out-of-pocket costs” if they suffer a concussion. The HeadStrong Concussion Insurance Program will cost $1.50 per athlete and will act as a secondary insurance that will cover deductibles and co-pays from a student’s primary insurance up to $25,000 per injury.

The policy was approved at the WIAA board of control meeting on Tuesday. It covers every student-athlete in grades 6-12 who participate in a practice or game sanctioned by the WIAA.

“The WIAA has a long history of focussing on serving the membership and student-athlete well-being,” current Board president Pam Foegen said. “We believe that offering this insurance represents a win-win, both for our members and the students they serve.”

“We don’t want a single student-athlete to not be evaluated or treated for a concussion because of the cost,” former Board of Control president Mike Beighley said in the press release. “This coverage provides one more level of support for member schools and student-athletes in making school sports as safe an experience as they can be.”

About 80,000 student-athletes participate in school sports across the state each year. Wisconsin is now the fourth state to feature an insurance policy like this one.

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