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Walker Open To Using General Tax Revenues For Roads

Antigo, WI, United States /

(Madison, WI) ¬†— ¬†Governor Scott Walker now says he’s talking with G-O-P legislative leaders on something that’s been a political “no no” for years — using general tax revenues for road work. The Republican Walker brought up that possibility Monday, after clarifying that he has no interest in raising vehicle registration fees to help make up for a shortfall in the state’s highway budget. A media report last week said Walker was “open” to higher license plate fees — but he said he was “explicitly” talking about the gas tax at that time. Walker says he has told G-O-P leaders “repeatedly” that there are ways to free up more money for roads, and general revenues are among them. Senate Democrat Jon Erpenbach of Middleton says using general fund dollars would take away money from schools and safety net programs.

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