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Boys Golf Meet at Maple Hills Goes Well for W-B

Antigo, WI, United States /
Boys Golf Meet at Maple Hills Goes Well for W-B

Justin Keeney shot an 85 for Wittenberg-Birnamwood at the Maple Hills meet Saturday. Ian Resch shot a 95. Logan Balliet shot a 120. Brian Nelson shot a 114 and Maverick Beran shot a 120. The team finished 16th overall at the meet.

60 degrees, cloudy and windy were the conditions the team had to face.

Some notes from coach Chris Bartletti:

“Despite the wet conditions early, it was a perfect day for golf. It was also a perfect day to post some good scores and some of the players really took advantage of it.  I was very happy for Justin who came back and played a really solid round after struggling a little yesterday at Northern Bay. Ian also did a great job of bouncing back today after being 7 over after 3 holes. I am really surprised at the dramatic improvement of Brian Nelson, who is just learning the game and is consistently lowering his scores. Logan had a few rough holes and struggled to hit consistent shots, but we will need him to get it together since we have the second leg of our conference on Monday. Maverick is young and a little wild with his shots on the course, but I can tell he is determined to improve.”


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